Discover Your Restored Identity

"Through Discipleship Deliverance, I began to see myself through the eyes and heart of God, which then poured over into others. My mind and heart were transformed with boldness and courage to fully use the gifts and charisms that Jesus Christ destined me to use!

-C.D. Catholic Husband, Father, and Businessman

Begin Your Discipleship Deliverance Journey TODAY!

Journey through this life-changing experience at your own pace.

We all experience times when we feel spiritually stuck, or even under attack. Whole Catholic provides a simple and effective process so that every person can heal, find freedom, and live the life they were created to live.

The Discipleship Deliverance Self-Paced Online Course is an experience designed to equip you with a solid methodology to learn about and experience spiritual healing, growth, deliverance, and reconciliation.

Throughout the course, you will learn how to harness the power of true forgiveness, in order to receive healing, reclaim your dominion and release your charisms.

This course will provide you with the tools to get unstuck and move forward to live the life God designed you to live!

Ignite Joy in Your Relationships

"The way Jansen described covenant really blew me away. I knew that marriage was sacred, and I understood the way the church spoke of covenant, but I didn't really understand the links that God reveals to us if we just stop and pay attention. I was so impressed how the covenant of my own marriage came alive. It was such a beautiful revelation to myself and my husband of our understanding of what a marriage truly is supposed to look like."

-K.B., Daughter of God, Wife, and Mother. Catholic writer, Bereaved Parent Grief Support Ministry Founder of Red Bird Ministries, Inc

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Meet Your Instructor - Jansen Bagwell

Founder of Whole Catholic, Creator of Discipleship Deliverance

Whole Catholic Founder Jansen Bagwell

Jansen Bagwell is a deliverance expert who helps serious Catholics harness the power of forgiveness to reclaim their dominion and release their charisms. With over 35 years of experience in the area of deliverance, Jansen has developed a process called Discipleship Deliverance, through which he helps people achieve complete and sustainable spiritual healing. Jansen is a former protestant pastor and convert to the Catholic faith.

About the Class

A journey of faith, growth, and healing…

Discipleship Deliverance Class is all about taking your faith to the next level!

Whether you are a well-formed Catholic looking to go deeper in your spiritual journey or you find yourself feeling broken, lost and in need of healing, Discipleship Deliverance combines Biblical truths and Church teachings in a unique process, designed to help you examine your own life, apply spiritual principles, and experience your faith like never before!

  • Eight Course Modules with Multiple Learning Videos per Module

  • Course Videos Recorded by Whole Catholic Founder, Jansen Bagwell

  • PDF Workbook Content for Each Module

  • Module Exercises and Reflection Opportunities

  • Learn to Move Forward In Faith and Life!

Experience Healing for Your Spirit, Mind, and Body

"Before I started with this ministry I battled lifelong anxiety and fear. I developed a variety of physical health problems in adulthood including a food allergy syndrome so severe I was unable even to eat. I sought help from a variety of doctors, as well as healing and deliverance prayers, only for my problems to persist.

Through Discipleship Deliverance, I found healing and freedom that was unimaginable!"

M.M. - Daughter, Bride, Mother, Catholic Writer

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Move forward in faith and life!